Thursday, 1 July 2010


We set off down Radford Bottom Lock, ambled through Leamington Spa meeting some oncoming boats at the narrowest twisty bridge holes as usual. There were four Union Canal Carrier Boats from Braunston with teenage school children holidaying  on board. A wide beam day hire boat which narrowly missed side swiping us too. I wonder if it is too much to expect day-trippers to be able to contend with a wide boat? There were handy moorings available right by Lidl, Tesco and the Co-op en-route. We carried on along to Cape Locks and were lucky enough to meet a boat just coming down, so some water was saved there.

IMG_0012 cape of Good Hope frontage IMG_0003 Cape of Good Hope

Along side the top lock is this delightful little pub called the Cape of Good Hope, so we moored up and walked back to try their lunch menu. Bottle had Steak and Kidney Pie with a pint of Guinness (of course) and I had Trout washed down with Cider. Well the meals were excellent, served quickly and very hot, so we can recommend this one to you. Many old canal photos and paintings adorn the walls of the interior, and Mr Healey once built cars locally apparently. There are several blocks of flats four storeys high built along the edge of the canal adjoining and dwarfing this picturesque little pub now.


There seems to be a greater depth of water here as we are floating today. It was fun yesterday trying to persuade the dinner to stay in the oven as the boat was leaning over. The plan is to walk into town and along the Saltisford Arm this afternoon, when Bottle has finished resting his eyes!

Edit: I was not resting my eyes just checking the inside of my eyelids and the walk will now happen tomorrow. Bottle.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

The Cape is quite a surprising Pub, the food is far better than you expect it to be from the outside. We have had some good meals in there