Monday, 1 June 2015


Ok, so after over five years of living aboard, taking photos and writing about our adventures en-route we are now discontinuing to blog.
I have very much enjoyed blogging and hope that you have enjoyed following us.

Leaving Bradford on Avon.

This is what I found when I zoomed in to the unusual abode high up on the hillside. Wouldn’t mind living there, lovely place isn’t it? Anyway, we made a couple of trips to the nearby Sainsbury's to stock up. Then, we left our mooring among all the newish houses lining the canal and set off down the lock. There were two friendly, helpful volunteer lock-keepers to see us safely down, hurrah!

We picked up a hitch-hiker who was escaping from some over amorous Drakes. She wandered along our rooftop coming right to the back near us, how wonderful. The gongoozlers walking the towpath were quite amused at this and asked if it was a pet, lol.

Anyway, she hopped off when we reached Avoncliff Aqueduct where we saw The Crossed Guns Inn behind the houses. Looking down I could see what used to be a substantial Watermill beside the River Avon. It is now in the process of being turned into residential and holiday accommodation.They have a website