Saturday, 3 July 2010

Warwick to Hatton.

IMG_0003We spent Friday evening sitting outside enjoying a drink at The Cape of Good Hope. We watched the sun go down listening to the live singer with his electric guitar and backing music. It was loud enough from outside, but as for the drinkers in the small bar, I think their ears must have been buzzing afterwards. While we were moored here we had many cyclists whizzing down past us as the towpath is part of the Sustrans network, route No 41. So we had to look before we leapt off the boat to avoid a calamity as the towpath was not that wide. The surface of it is covered in very fine dusty grit which has blown up and deposited itself all over the boat, so it now needs a wash. This sign has information for cyclists, I wonder if any of them have ever read it? Many cyclists still don’t have bells on their bikes and if they do don’t always use them.                   Boaters are pedestrians too!

IMG_0007  We set off early this morning to tackle the twenty one double locks of the Hatton flight. We started all on our own as there were no other boats in sight. Before we were half way up though we met other boats on their way down which made things easier for us. It took us just under four hours to reach the top and moor up. Being quite exhausted after all that we toddled off down to the little cafe by the top lock. There was a short wait for food as they were extremely busy, but it was well worth waiting for as the food is homemade and freshly prepared.


This lovely sculpture sits in the middle of a small pond near the top which also holds overflow water from the lock. Poor old Bottle looks as if he has got giant measles on his legs as the may flies have found him to be quite tasty, aw, what a shame, never mind!

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