Monday, 26 July 2010

Frampton Walkabout

IMG_0003 CockerellWe are lulled to sleep at night with owls calling out to each other. This may be the Cock-a-doodle-do culprit that wakes us up at the crack of dawn in the morning. He is part of a menagerie of fouls that live in the garden behind the Bridge keepers Cottage.

IMG_0009 Frampton Manor 13-17c As we were low on milk and it was such a bright day we walked into Frampton on Severn to the village shop. This is the  picturesque timber framed Manor built between the 13th-17th centuries. Nearby in the grounds of the manor stands this magnificent Wool Barn built in 1550, it has recently been restored and is a Grade 1 Listed Building. It is part of the Frampton Court Estate and can be hired out for weddings and parties.IMG_0019 The Wool Barn 1550 grade 1IMG_0015 thatched cottages


IMG_0011pretty cottage garden






The pretty cottages are spread in a higgledy piggledy  fashion down each side of the large village green. Most of them boast flower gardens and productive vegetable patches and there are several Walnut Trees around too. The two ponds are surrounded by tall wildflowers and Bulrushes, but seem to be inhabited by goldfish.

IMG_0016 Glos Old Spot wallowing We took a short cut along a footpath through some fields and saw this big Gloucester Old Spot Pig wallowing in a shady mud bath. By now it was quite hot and humid and we felt like joining him! The path wended it’s way round and took us back almost to the spot where we had started, on the village green. Wouldn’t it be more useful if the fingerposts indicated where they led instead of ‘Public Footpath’. Anyway we arrived back gasping for a drink and snack, then we relaxed for the afternoon reading our books.

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