Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Our youngest visitor comes aboard

IMG_0006 JackToday our great nephew Jack came to see us, with his Mum, Granny, Grandad and George the dog. He is only just two and a half weeks old, but after filling him up with milk he promptly fell asleep while we chatted over tea and cakes.

IMG_0008 GeorgeGeorge found his ideal spot out in the cratch where he kept his beady eye on the proceedings. We hope to be catching up with quite a few friends and family while we are down in Gloucestershire. We briefly saw Mike and Gerry as they breasted up with us on nb Tubbs while they went to do their shopping. They are really enjoying their cruise on the Sharpness and will be heading off back up the River Avon in the next few days. It seems that BW are rather slow in erecting any signage for mooring times in this area, consequently boats are moored for too long outside Sainsbury’s Superstore. This prevents others from mooring up to shop as they pass by, how selfish is that?


This is the trip boat Queen Boudicca 2 which comes down past us several times a day accompanied by a running commentary on the areas history, in a broad Glawster accent, lovely. She was one of the little ships whose services were used in May 1940 when she took part in the evacuation of the troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. The other trip boat is called King Arthur. The gigantic Oliver Cromwell, based in the docks, is a Mississippi Stern Paddlewheeler. She is open to the public and is a restaurant with seating for eighty people. The Edward Elgar also runs holidays afloat from here providing eleven cabins fitted with twin berths.

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