Saturday, 24 July 2010

Gloucester to Saul

IMG_0015 Queen Boudica,High Orchard Bridge

David brought his friend Mort to see us and we had a good old chinwag on their memories of their working lives and history of the locality. We then left our mooring by High Orchard Bridge on a warm calm morning, ideal for cruising.

IMG_0002 Romans QuayWe passed Monk Meadow Dock which used to be a busy oil terminus, but is now a private mooring. Next to this is Romans Quay where they are  building new houses.

IMG_0006 Joseph Griggs SawmillsJoseph Griggs and Co Ltd, Sawing, Planing and Moulding Mills are all that remains of a once busy area of timber importers. Timber was needed for the Gloucester Railway Wagon Works and the manufacturing of Moorlands Matches.

IMG_0009 in blogThis is Hempsted Bridge which was swung for us, showing a green light for us to pass.  We have become lazy now, as we either pass under bridges or have them done for us.

IMG_0035 Bridgekeepers Cottage There are eight of these little original cottages that the Bridge Keepers used to live in. This one has been extended and is kept in immaculate order.

IMG_0033 washdayThis barge is not under sail, it was just a good day for hanging out the washing!

IMG_0053 the welcoming partyThe welcoming party were out ready to greet us on our arrival at Saul junction, luvly jubbly.

Footnote, by bottle.

Cue X-files music.

After mooring yesterday, wozie was busying herself so I decided to go for a short stroll just to exercise the legs and get some air. I wandered along the towpath past Saul junction, the Cotswold Canal Trust Heritage Centre and on to Sandfield bridge, did a bit of gongoozling as boats passed through the bridge.

Whilst standing there I turned and on the other side of the road stood an ex work colleague that I had not seen for many years.

We met and greeted and during our conversation he said that he had not been to Saul in a long time. On his arrival for some reason we had come to mind.

It must have been fate, coincidence or was there an unknown force at work smile_omg . He came onboard and stayed for a few hours and believe it or not work was never mentioned.

He has had a companion for the last three years that also came onboard, Buddy an ex ‘working’ Whippet

IMG_0049 Buddy being a catBuddy pretending to be a cat.

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