Thursday, 22 July 2010

More visitors.

I had a phone call just before 8am followed by a knock on the side of the boat, our first visitor had arrived. It was David who used to be our neighbour when we lived on land. He had several things to do in Gloucester and had called in to see us first. It was nice to catch up on all the local news David, even though I still had my nightie on when you arrived!

IMG_0003 Edward ElgarThe Edward Elgar came down from the docks to turn around in the Monk Meadow Dock entrance. It is difficult to tell which is the bow, as it seems to be blunt at both ends! In the afternoon my cousin Marilyn and her friend Jenny came for tea, boat cake, and a look around the boat. It was good to hear news of family and friends we haven’t seen for almost a year. They were rather wary about stepping aboard and the boat rocking when other boats passed by.

Glos Docks 2007We had a bit of a downpour this afternoon so didn’t venture out with the camera. Here is a photo I took earlier as they say. This was The Tall Ships Festival in the main basin in 2007. What a memorable weekend of pirate related activities for the children that was, with several spectacular sailing ships on show. The Saxons, Romans and Napoleon re-enactment groups also took part, creating very loud bangs with their guns and cannons. The green glass building in the centre of the picture was The Merchants Quay Shopping Centre which has now been demolished to make way for two blocks of flats to be built. The Lock Warehouse is also to be made residential. An Arts and Crafts Gallery and a Coffee Shop has already opened on the ground floor. This evening the rain has eased off and the ladies are out in their eight, plus cox, practising their rowing skills.

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