Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mobile phone................. silent

I realised, yesterday, that my phone had not rung but had done its usual vibrate alert.
Strange I thought, very quick on the uptake me.

So checked the phone settings, all OK, switched it off, removed the battery, removed the sim card put it back together, voilà, it still didn't work.

Decided to have a look on the net at the manufacturers site, quite helpful, suggested download of software and re-program of phone, did this but made sure had back-up of all the info on phone before doing so, this did not solve problem.

Sent e-mail to manufacturers and had reply within 10 minutes, take it or post it to a repair facility. This will cost.

Had another brainwave, they do happen honest, phoned phone supplier (Orange), within five minutes (three minutes of waiting) I have a replacement phone on the way, will be here tomorrow. No charge.

The phone is eighteen months old and not insured.
Thank you Orange

ps. Going to see the boat next week.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Stoke Bruerne

We had a day out, to get our canal fix.

As we were crossing the lock, two boats were about to enter so we had to do a bit of 'gongoozling', entering was without incident, gates closed and paddles drawn.
This is when it started to go wrong, the paddles were fully drawn, boats surged forward, the two steerers were chatting not concentrating on the job in hand.
One of the boats front fenders caught on the top of the gate, lock emptying rapidly, much shouting to no avail, eventual realisation by boat steerer, hard reverse and the boat dropped 12" to 18" back into the water, relief all round.

Spent a wonderful day at the festival, met Del and Al (Derwent6) we chatted a lot, about boats and the getting them built, now there is a surprise.

They invited us to pop in for a drink later, which we did, to sit on a boat with lovely weather and convivial company was just what we needed.

Not that we required convincing that the boating life is for us but it did help.

Thank you Del and Al, it was most enjoyable to meet you again and just be.

Derwent6 in all her glory

Stoke Bruerne

Two gentlemen and dog

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boat Visit.

We visited Fernwood today for an update and confirmation of some decisions and to see how far they have got.

Well the bathroom is lined and the galley units are in place, the engine room has been started, I hope all the cables are identified correctly, spaghetti comes to mind.

A few photo's, taken by Wozie.

Bow Locker

Saloon looking towards the galley

Bathroom looking towards galley

Note to Del and Al (Derwent6) it will be August for launch, no need to 'told you so' :-)