Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Grand Union Canal.

We have come down Stockton Locks and Bascote Locks sharing locks with some very nice people in order to save water. We moored at Long Itchington and walked to the Co-op in the village. The village pond had been nicely refurbished and the footpath across the fields had been upgraded as a millennium project, providing a pleasant walk. We are now moored near Bridge 33 near a strip of woodland which provides some welcome shade in this hot sticky weather. There is a lovely log swing attached by a substantial rope onto a tree bough. Needless to say we have made the most of our second childhood and had a go on it. The water is quite low and we are sitting on a mud bank at a jaunty angle at times. BW have closed eight locks along the way overnight to try and save some water.

IMG_0002 Bascote Lock Pumphouse 

This is the prettiest little pump house on the Bascote flight.

IMG_0001 No8 The Square

This is just ordinary No8 The Square, shame that such a lovely old timber framed building didn’t have a nice name.


Here is a posher black and white one with a simple cottage garden.


Someone has a sense of humour in Long Itchington then!Tomorrow we will plod on through Leamington and Warwick and up Hatton Locks. We will need a rest after that as there are 21 of them! Hope the little cafe at the top has some jacket potatoes and bacon butty’s on the go.

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