Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Harvington to Evesham

IMG_0004 The Offenham LightThis unusual flood-proof Lockkeeper’s Hut stands alongside George Billington’s Lock, it is known as the Offenham Light.

IMG_0016 Lockkeepers triangular house b1972

Beside Evesham Lock this wooden triangular Lockkeepers House, built in 1972, straddles the chamber of an old sluice. It’s an easy lock as he operates the lock for you so you can stay on the boat. We are now in the Lower Avon Navigation.

IMG_0022 Evesham Rowing ClubWe passed under centre arch of Workmans Bridge to moor opposite Abbey Park and the Rowing Club. The Vale of Evesham is well known for growing fruit and vegetables and we cruised past fields of runner beans of various kinds. To walk around the bustling streets of the town takes quite sometime as there is an absolute abundance of small shops, pubs and eateries. We went into the Butlers Cafe for a snack which was very good. Many old  black and white painted timber frame buildings still survive here, a lot of them seem to be pubs! We strolled back through the Abbey Gardens and Park where there are well planned play areas provided for every age group. It’s nice that the children are playing ball games here and practicing their rowing skills after a busy day at school. We are now quite exhausted and have put our feet up to read our books that we bought in the charity shops today.  IMG_0024 Soldier statue

This lovely statue of a soldier stands at he top of the gardens overlooking the river.

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