Friday, 16 July 2010

Pershore to Tewksbury

We had decided after looking at the weather forecast for the next few days it would be perhaps wise to get to Gloucester as soon as possible, this meant a long day travelling today, about five hours.

The forecast was for showers (some heavy) with sunny spells well, we dressed in wet weather gear, it was good for keeping the wind out.smile_wink

The wind was rather strong in places and at one lock we had to do a 360° turn, after the wind took the bow, to get in.

We also had ‘white water’ with the bow rising and falling as we headed into the wind on some open stretches.

Now moored, still on the Avon and protected from the wind by a block of flats, oops! I mean apartments.

The Severn and Gloucester tomorrow.

IMG_0002 Pershore Old Bridge







IMG_0012Met a couple of these








On arrival at Tewksbury went to book in with the lock keeper for an overnight mooring (£3) bit of a cheek really as we have had to pay £45 for a seven day licence. On the ceiling of his office (shed) there is a sign marking where the water rose to in 2007, remember those floods.

Just as we settled down for cup of coffee, we heard bells ‘tinkling’ and this is what it was.

IMG_0031  Yes, three camels.






A sculpture near the abbey and of course the Abbey Mill


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