Friday, 2 July 2010

Warwick ‘Wom’ about.

Being moored here between an embankment with tall trees and high blocks of flats, we have a surprisingly good internet connection. A Google Earth search revealed that there was a Sainsbury's within half a mile of us. So taking our rucksacks with us we walked into Warwick to wom around the town. As we arrived it was elevenses time so we went into Wetherspoon’s for coffee. We were told that if we had large coffees we could have a bacon roll for 50p, so we did. They also run a card scheme where they stamp your card every time you have a coffee. When five coffees have been enjoyed, you get one free, so we did. ‘Cheap as chips’ some would say. I bought two more reasonably priced books in the charity shops, ‘Billy’ by Pamela Stephenson and ‘Wuthering Heights’ according to Spike Milligan, whom I have a soft spot for. He has also written two more ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ and ‘The Bible’ according to Spike books which I must look out for. We then wommed off in the direction of Warwick Castle past this quaint little Tea Shop that was once occupied by Thomas Oken a benefactor to the town.

IMG_0005 Tea Room Thomas Oken's House The castle can be seen pocking up on the left of this picture. The castle entrance was buzzing with people who were more eager to get in than we were when we had seen the prices! Being poor old pensioners we gave it a miss and went browsing in the souvenir shop instead, but we weren’t tempted to buy anything.

IMG_0015 Peacock admiring it's reflectionThis peacock was strutting his stuff in the car park admiring his reflection in the shiny bits, typical vain male! 

IMG_0020 This magnificent church had a road leading through the archway under the tower into a street beyond.

We then made our way back to Sainsbury’s as we had run out of toilet rolls. Bottle got himself a box of ten Guinness's and I got four bottles of sparkling water to rehydrate after the twenty-one locks we are doing tomorrow up the Hatton flight. Well as I helped Bottle hoist his rucksack onto his back he nearly fell backwards with the weight of it all, bless. The sun then burst forth and needless to say we didn’t walk back along the Saltisford Arm after all, but made a slow bee-line back to the boat.

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