Sunday, 30 September 2012



We watered up on the bend at Yelvertoft and the poor old narrow boat moored there is totally unloved and covered in green algae, shame.

IMG_2104However the flowers in the rockery of the house there looked as spectacular as usual.

IMG_2103      IMG_2101

We rally like the patterned brickwork on this lovely cottage and what a brilliant design the chimney is. There are inbuilt holes at it’s base which would give a good draw to encourage the fire to burn up well.

IMG_2105 B49     IMG_2108

The cows were slowly ambling across Bridge 49 after being relieved of their milk and some of the hay had been gathered into large round bales.

IMG_2106 B50 it was a beautiful sunny morning as we passed under Bridge 50 getting nearer to Foxton.

Friday, 14 September 2012


IMG_2069 IMG_2096

This unusual plant was growing by the towpath, it is about five feet tall with small round white clustered flowers, then spiky seed-heads, stems and leaves. It resembles a Teasel but is not in our wildflower identification book. So, has anyone any idea what it might be called please?

IMG_2097poppies    IMG_2033

Here are some poppies and a Geranium to complete a red, white and blue theme! We were first in the queue to come up Watford Locks, then on through the dripping wet Crick Tunnel before lunchtime. Luckily we found a mooring spot as there were plenty of boats on the move both ways. Since our last visit here a little hairdressers has opened called Zoe’s. I was pleased that they could fit me in when I called on Saturday morning, with a stylish haircut for a reasonable price. The Wheatsheaf Inn has been re-furbished and re-opened providing a full menu. Roast Sunday lunch at the friendly family run Red Lion was as lovely as usual. The 96 bus runs from the Post Office to Northampton, or Rugby every hour which is very handy for for a trolley dash.

We are following nb Balmaha’s lead now and not taking photos of places we have visited and posted on our blog previously. Also I apologise for not adding comments on other peoples blogs, but I sometimes cannot distinguish the ‘wobbly’ letters that we have to copy in order to do so. We appreciate all the comments we receive on our blog, thank you everyone!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Norton Junction.


It all seemed fairly peaceful at Norton Junction until the early hours of Wednesday morning when we were awoken by the sound of a hunting horn and hounds yelping. IMG_2078

IMG_2080 Quad Bike

After getting washed and dressed and having a leisurely breakfast we could still hear them so I went out with the camera and took a few pictures. there were three riders in red and several in green/brown accompanied by two quad bikes which later sped off along the road.

IMG_2082 IMG_2090 

All the hounds were gathered together in the field after which they all trotted away up the road and all was quiet once again.

IMG_2098 BunniesWe walked down Buckby Locks past the New Inn which had sadly recently closed,  then on to Wilton Garden Centre for coffee and a browse around. They have quite a variety of pets for sale including kittens and other furry creatures, many feathered birds, and fish. Of course we had to have a look around at all of them before strolling back on such a lovely sunny afternoon.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Up the Locks.

IMG_2063 Woolly Back Archamedes

We strolled up three locks to see what the to see what the Admiral Nelson pub was like now. It had been renovated and re-opened in April, apparently.

IMG_2065The locks were pretty busy as we sat outside with our Guinness to peruse the menu. As it was a warm day we thought we would enjoy a snack and watch the locks being worked.

IMG_2067 re-opened AprilThe interior has been redecorated and there are some nice cosy family areas with sofas and easy chairs with TV and also a separate more formal dining area.

IMG_2068 Egg SandwichThe outside looked rather attractive too bedecked in colourful hanging baskets. Bottle chose a cheese sandwich and I had egg mayonnaise. They come with watercress and scrumptious chips for £4.50, very enjoyable. There is another menu for evenings and Sunday roast, although the menu is limited the food is quite different.  

IMG_2066 Admiral Nelson's chickens    IMG_2039

The Admiral Nelson’s chickens now occupy the old children’s playground opposite. When I went to see them they all came rushing over to pose for their photograph to be taken. One of these hansom hens laid a tasty fresh egg for my sandwich. We wish the new landlords luck and hope that the pub will make a go of it, as it deserves to.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Braunston Puddle Banks.

IMG_2020 BraunstonWe were lucky enough to find that everybody’s favourite spot to moor on was vacant when we arrived. It is the only spot where there are no big sloping stones along the edge for your boat to bang against.  Most boats passed us at tick-over speed, but of course there were the odd maniacs who thought they were in a race!

IMG_2051    IMG_2055 Charisma

This ‘boy in a bathtub’ set into polystyrene came passed flying a British Red Cross flag and was collecting funds for the charity. He said he was travelling from Birmingham to London and that he carried the ‘boat’ around the locks. When I asked him about the tunnels as unpowered craft are not allowed through them for obvious reasons, he said he got a lift over them! A walk up into the village revealed the lovely old timber framed building had been completed and was a Hair Salon and an apartment.

IMG_2059    IMG_2060

The old chapel was also finished and the for sale board outside advertised three dwellings. The Old Chapel, Old School House and Old School Cottage all beautifully finished. Unfortunately the little redbrick cottage opposite still stands all forlorn with half it’s roof missing.

    IMG_2057 Rainbow

Fortunately September started with some sunshine and we spotted this tiny rainbow high in the sky. We have only ever seen half-circle ones arching over the land, so is this one unusual ?

IMG_2034 Bee IMG_2050

Insects were busying themselves around the warm Blackberries and flowers.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Middle Earth!

IMG_2011 Farmers had been busy with their harvesting as we cruised by on our way to Braunston.

IMG_2014 As we approached the Puddle Banks there was still one sunken boat by the towpath.

IMG_2016 odd shape boatThis unusual shaped craft looked like it was inhabited, but it must have been rather dark inside because the portholes were miniscule.

IMG_2017 dangly window boatThis boat was different too as it had it’s coloured double glazing dangling over the windows from strings on the outside!

IMG_2019There are several old working boats around here that have been converted into live aboard accommodation.