Sunday, 18 July 2010

Around the Docks

IMG_0050 old steam crane The old Steam Crane remains resplendent in front of the North Warehouse which is occupied by Gloucester City Council. It must have been a nice warm job operating it as there is a large boiler at the back. We have been relaxing here today and went for Sunday roast in Fosters, just a few steps away from the floating pontoons where we are moored.

IMG_0053 young seagullWe spotted this young seagull in the wall, his sibling wasn’t so lucky and had fallen in the water. The RSPCA lady came to it’s rescue. Apparently their feathers are not waterproof yet, so if they get into the water they get waterlogged and can’t get out.

IMG_0009 'The Snail' 1964-2001 pumped water into canal

This centrifugal water pump was affectionately known as ‘The Snail’, you can see why. Built by Gwynne Engineers it was installed in 1964 to pump water from the River Severn into the Sharpness Canal until 2001. It shifted 47,000 gallons a minute! Now the new pumps have been installed below ground and supply water to Purton treatment works for drinking water for the people of Bristol.

IMG_0024Lanthony Warehouse is the home of the National waterways Museum, to the left is the trip boat Queen Boadicea which runs pleasure trips down the canal. Many of the old warehouses have been converted into flats, but there are also several new blocks that have been built in a different style as seen in the centre of this shot.

IMG_0023 Lanthony Bascule bridge

Lanthony Bascule Bridge is electronically operated for boats to pass below. The bridge is restricted for the use of Buses and Taxi’s only, but car drivers don’t seem to take any notice if the signs saying so.

IMG_0035 Glos Antique CentreThe Gloucester Antiques Centre has moved down from the Lock Warehouse into the new shopping Outlet complex by the bridge. There are all kinds of goodies on sale here from Grandfather Clocks to jewellery.

IMG_0040These little wooden trucks are a new installation, but there is no information board stating whether they are old or new. if they were in use the protruding hubs of the wheels could have been lethal. There are railway lines and a few goods trucks still in place near the museum, from the times when cargos of large ships were transferred by rail from the docks.

IMG_0031 Glos CollegeThis large blue lump is the new Gloucestershire College opposite the new shopping complex. There is a long pontoon with a pump out facility here.

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Dave Winter said...

Hi Both,
You will be pleased to know I managed to get away to see Jo & Keith on NB Hadar moored at Berkhamstead today (Sun).Great couple and a smashing boat.See them on my blog.
You certainly are getting about.
Take care.