Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On Wormleighton Hill.

IMG_8891 IMG_8895 IMG_8893

Here we caught up with nb Inca in this lovely spot ‘on top of the world’, moored up, then spilled out onto the towpath in our chairs to a welcome cup of tea from Carolyn, perfick!

IMG_8890                  IMG_8894

It was a bit of a sizzling afternoon so we fetched out the funny sunhats and Hamish found himself a nice comfy cool spot to snore in. Later the drinks were brought out and we waved to all the passing boaters while discussing just about everything. As you can see most of the fields around here have turned bright yellow now and we had the most spectacular sunset over by the old Radio mast, luvly jubbly!

S.O.C Bridge 122.

IMG_8885             IMG_8887

Just past Bridge 122 on the South Oxford Canal between Marston Doles and Priors Hardwicke we took a few pics of the ‘Marina for One’ in the farmers field.

IMG_8888              IMG_8889

The canal bank has been damaged by digging out this huge hole and dragging this boat into it. When we passed last time the hole was dry, this time it was full of water, of dubious origins! There was also a pen with a few lambs in it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ascending Napton Locks.

IMG_8874               IMG_8878 

The Folly Inn was quite busy when we went in for a couple of their delicious pies for lunch. They were so filling, that there was no room for any pudding unfortunately! Early morning start for us the next day as the lock in front had drained overnight so we cruised straight in. There are several friendly volunteer lock-keepers whom we had spoken to over our 48hr stay. We met one who was litter picking the towpath and he said it was mostly dog poo in bags chucked into the hedgerow, not nice as it was a very smelly job. He helped us with a couple of locks, then we went on to moor just below the Engine Arm where nb Inca joined us and Gary and Carolyn came aboard for drinks.

IMG_8876              IMG_8883 Engine Arm

It was great to see the fields en-route full of Water Buffalo, Sheep, with a few Horses and Donkeys near the top lock. There also seems to be plenty of squawking Crows, squabbling among themselves in their treetop nests nearly everywhere we go.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Nice at Napton.

IMG_8864a            IMG_8865a

We spent one night by the Bridge Inn where the Cabin Boy earned himself a tinny and a bottle of red wine for helping a couple of boaters out, hurrah! Cruising along on tic-over past the long line of moored boats before Napton a boater pulled out just as we were about to pass him. We couldn’t avoid nudging him up the backside or we would have been on the mud. He indignantly said ‘don’t ram me’ to which we replied we couldn’t avoid you! He then made the excuse that he didn’t see us and we told him he needed to go to Specsavers! There are some complete twits around because they can’t see further than the end of their own nose. Anyway we pulled in to water up then ascended the first lock to moor in the pound above.

IMG_8868 IMG_8867 IMG_8866a

There was an amusing sign outside the little chapel and wondered what we might be smitten with that would stop us attending this fascinating evening! Onwards we strolled into the PO Stores for a couple of things and while there we treated ourselves to coffee and cake. After a peaceful night we were awoken by the hire boat behind starting his engine at 7.20 am and not moving off. For the Cabin Boy’s third good deed he jumped ship when he saw a hire boater ram the lock gates. They were stuck in forward gear even after moving it into reverse, then they panicked. So after being told to stop the engine, he assisted to pull them through the lock to moor and then to call the hire company to fix it. Isn’t life on the canals fun?

Friday, 17 April 2015

Bridge 100.

IMG_8854 B100 IMG_8859 IMG_8846

Well, we spent a few very sunny hot days here with beautiful views across many fields which are rapidly turning yellow. Lots of boats on the move now and yes, we did get hit on this long straight run of canal. A hire boater came under the bridge and panicked when she saw a large working boat approaching. She was level with us when she turned the tiller the wrong way and clouted us in the backside. The Cabin Boy gave her some useful instructions, she apologised, then she was away again. The boater following her said she had been zig-zagging in front of him for sometime and she was retuning to base!