Thursday, 29 January 2015

Toilet talk.

   IMG_8109          IMG_8111   

We left our quiet countryside mooring near Willoughby Wharf under stormy looking skies. It was fun steering around the twiddley bits with the wind cutting across the canal in some exposed places. As we passed the service station at Braunston we could see C&RTs solution to most canal-side problems. Surround the one tap in the large puddle with that orange stuff and close it off to boaters, amazing! The whole area is a swamp, and we get muddier here than we do walking along some towpaths. Anyway we were in need of a pump-out (£15) at the marina, luckily no other boats were around so we slid in easily along-side the wharf. We always use their hose to rinse the tank out and I flushed the toilet several times to clean everything. Afterwards we topped up the water-tank at the Stop House.

  IMG_8117            IMG_8119

There seemed to be some ‘regurgitation’ happening in the toilet bowl, so we pulled the whole thing out to clean up the non-return valve. Here a bucket, disposable nappies and plenty of kitchen roll to hand is very useful. Then we found that the diaphragm thingy was a bit worse for wear, after all it has done good service for over five years. So, instead of just putting everything back together again we bought a new one from Middland Diddlers to replace it. I assisted the Cabin Boy to watch and learn in case I have to do it one day, but I hope not as it’s a bit messy.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


  IMG_8093a           IMG_8094a

All seemed fairly quiet at Grantham's Bridge as we passed by ascending all three locks easily as they were all in our favour. At the top lock nb The Answer appeared and glided into the lock as we left.

IMG_8096r IMG_8097a IMG_8099a

As we passed Inca, Gary was busy mopping the decks as there are some very muddy towpaths in places. No chatting to Dave and Liz as we passed nb Horus this time, well it was the lunch hour. I thought this was a pigeon at first, then after downloading it and zooming in to see it more clearly, found that it was a bird of prey.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cruising on.

   IMG_8086 Clifton          IMG_8089a

I think the reason why boaters just stop to shop at Brownsover, then move on is that it is always so noisy. The passing traffic never ceases from dawn until well after midnight there. Still a tight sqeeeze through Clifton Cruisers and they even seem to use the space to moor one boat where the canal narrow is.

  IMG_8090            IMG_8092

Reg and Elaine were not aboard when we edged slowly past their boat, then on past nb Archie on the end. Phew, again we didn’t meet any oncoming boats luckily. Although they offer services for passing boaters it is impossible to pull onto the wharf as their boats are always moored there. Therefore, they must be loosing out on quite a lot of passing trade.

Monday, 26 January 2015


 IMG_8083a           IMG_8085a

Seeing me, seeing you, ah ha, we said our goodbyes to Gary/Carolyn and Hamish. After nb Inca had left, this boat towing came to moor and I've never seen so much stuff piled up before, with not an inch to spare anywhere. I hope bits don’t fall off into the canal as they cruise along. We popped down to Tesco to top up our food store and had just put everything into a basket to queue up, when the fire alarm went off. So we spent about twenty minutes shivering in the cold wind outside with lots of others. Chilled to the marrow we were glad to climb back on board to warm up with a cuppa.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Friends together.

IMG_8068   IMG_8070   IMG_8069

Well the canal has frozen overnight several times now, but melted away in the warmth of the sun during the daytime. We passed by the water tap near Rugby, but the notice that was on it was too small to be read from our boat. So I walked back to see that while the nearby building work is in progress the tap is closed. So, fellow bloggers be sure to fill up at Newbold or Hillmorton before heading here! Nb Inca caught up with us and came aboard for afternoon tea and chat. Now we have been aboard for a chat over tea and scones with jam AND cream with Gary and Carolyn, luvly jubly. Gary and Della on nb Muleless have also arrived, it is nice feeling to be in the company of our new friends.