Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bye Banbury.

IMG_8432          IMG_8435

As our time was up and we were left all on our own, we set off early under the lift bridge to fill with water just beyond. Not many boaters use this tap, but it was in the sun and easy to walk down to the services with the rubbish whilst waiting for the tank to fill. Just then another boat entered the lock to come up, so we weren’t the only early birds He was single handed so I helped him up and the Cabin Boy wound the bridge up for him too. He moored up, then came back to kindly shut the gates for us after we had left the lock. One good turn deserves another, as they say.

IMG_8436   IMG_8439   IMG_8438a

Although the boaters service station may look grand, it is rather groggy. The toilet is boarded up and padlocked. The gates to the Elsan Point and Rubbish area are left open and are dark, untidy and grubby. We moored below bridge 168 and walked over to Morrison's to top up our supplies as there are no shops near the canal for miles. While we were there “Growl Tiger” came out to catch some rays, nice isn’t he/she? Well it was supposed to be windy and rainy, but the skies stayed sunny and blue until after we had moored up just above Grants Lock, perfick.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Busy in Banbury.

IMG_8404  IMG_8407  IMG_8411  IMG_8413

Lucky us, we had another family visit while we were there and went into town to get the children’s feet checked in Clarks Shoe shop on their technical gadgetry which is very precise. Only one new pair needed this time, then we went off for lunch together. It was a very good idea having brightly coloured coats for the boys so we could easily spot them  amongst the hoards of shoppers in the Quay Centre. It brightened up nicely in the afternoon, so we were able go to play in Spiceball Park, what fun.

IMG_8426 IMG_8429 IMG_8399 IMG_8400

We waved Gary and Carolyn off into the early morning showers. Whilst here they had their Granddaughter staying aboard. What a lovely girl, who kept us amused with all her chatter. We had very much enjoyed our time there with them and lost count of how many times we had been out for meals out together. It seems to be an expensive business mooring so near to the town centre with all the lovely shops and eateries being so close. Maybe we’ll meet up again soon, eh?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spiceball Park.

IMG_8277 Banbury  IMG_8392a  IMG_8393a

When we arrived in Banbury there was only one 14 day space left which was underneath Tom Rolt’s Bridge. Consequently it was extremely dark inside Oakfield and also very noisy as all children, and some adults, walking under it on either side felt compelled to SHOUT. As we were away for a long weekend it didn’t matter too much though. However we had a call from Gary and Carolyn on nb Inca who were kindly keeping an eye on our boat for us. Would we like them to pull our boat back by the park, as a boat had left, so of course we said yes please.

IMG_8396 IMG_8394 IMG_8395a

I noticed a surveyor at work canal side and on acquiring a plan of what was being proposed for the improvements here, found that the original plan involving glassing over the whole area had been abandoned. I think the council have woken up to the idea that many visitors to the town come to enjoy the area around the canal. The latest plans maybe better, but they still include building over some of the much needed car parking spaces. When I went for a look around in the Museum there were displays on a Roman theme and there were a couple of groups of children in there working. Upstairs there are the more permanent displays on all aspects of the history of the town. I liked the Roman portable set of scales, and also the display of old toys in the glass case.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Trees in the landscape.

IMG_8273          IMG_8274

We have experienced many grey skies recently, but we quite like this as it silhouettes the trees against it beautifully. I was fascinated to see this very unusual smoking tree, looking rather like an Aladdin's Lamp!

IMG_8275                IMG_8250 fenny Compton

We enjoy cruising slowly through the country landscape as there is so much to see at every twist and turn. It is nice and peaceful too, most of the time, which helps us relax and distracts us from the rat race that is occurring on land. Listening to the news on the radio is quite annoying at the moment with all the political parties promising to do great things for our country, half of which are never carried out once they get elected though. It it so reminiscent of that old TV programme ‘Yes Minister’ do you remember watching that?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Family visit.

IMG_8330 ea   IMG_8314a   IMG_8338 ea

It was a rather grey drizzly day for our visitors but we managed to keep busy on board as you can see. The birthday boy unwrapped his presents, a new outfit for the summer, a Peppa Pig nightlight and Gruffalo puzzle book which he likes. Here’s the ‘artist at work’ making us a cheery rainbow picture to brighten up our day. We then went off for a luscious lunch together, with pudding for the boys as they managed to clear their dinner plates, hurrah. Back aboard we read story books and did maths in the form of weighing things on my little balance scales and recording the differences in the items. All in all a very enjoyable, exciting  time, but also very tiring too for us old ‘uns.