Saturday, 20 December 2014


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Family visit today and the boys brought their Christmas smiles with them too. After reading and studying their books in the ‘story chair’ we went off for lunch in the pub together. Then back on board for fun and games, followed by the exchange of presents. A couple were unwrapped and the rest stowed away for the 25th. The excitement is building up now!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lolling around!

        IMG_7959                  IMG_7985 Waiouru

Enjoying some beautiful sunny days at the moment which end in some spectacular sunsets. It’s also time to don the thermals because it is a tad chilly after the overnight frosts. On returning from my walkabout, nb Waiouru was just gliding down the locks, allowing just enough time for a short chat. We are missing the company of some of our ex-boating friends at this time of year when we linger longer at our mooring spots. However it is great advantage to be able to keep in touch via various internet links, isn’t it?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


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Mark came by on Calisto so we got our coal and fuel from him. I had a dental appointment while we were moored in Braunston, then we had to move on. On our last evening Maffi came aboard for an evening meal and a couple of Guinness's to help the Cabin Boy celebrate his Birthday. We had already been to the pump out point in the marina the day before to empty one tank. On leaving the next day we then passed GO and collected water. It was a really beautiful morning with a chilly wind blowing as we cruised along. When I did my’ Mrs Overall’ act en-route and took our coffee astern to put on the roof, we even had waves across the top of our drinks! We passed by goose-field and the birds were busy stripping the rest of the berries from the bushes. The cows and sheep were all getting rather plump too. We had the canal to ourselves and only met two other boats on the move, perfick!

Sunday, 7 December 2014


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We hear that our Australian blog readers are wondering what is going on with fewer blog posts. We are in winter mode here and retreat into partial hibernation as it is a tad chillier here than in your part of the world. We tend not to cruise around the system as much as we do during our summer months too, so less stuff to write about. The upside is we meet up with boaty friends for tea and cake aboard and also in the pubs for drinks and meals together. We meet many people in passing for brief ‘hellos’, so it was nice to spend time with fellow bloggers Sue and Dave nb Beefur and Tom and Jan nb Waiouru to get to know each other better. Maffi also joined us as official photographer, unfortunately I forgot my camera so the Cabin Boy took this one of Maffi on his mobile phone.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Old photo.


Where is this?