Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tewksbury to Gloucester Dock

IMG_0001 Healings Flour MillWe left Tewksbury Lock and down by Healings old disused Flour Mill. it is a great shame that the two old mills here are not utilised for anything. We had a walk around Tewksbury as far as the Abbey last evening and saw Abbey Mill which has been refurbished for partly residential  use with a cafe on the ground floor.

IMG_0041This lovely mill also stands empty and unloved. Does anyone know what the heavy cast iron bell like things each side of the bridge may have been?IMG_0052  There are many interesting old timber framed buildings in Tewksbury, this is a typical example, the Olde Black Bear looking particularly beautiful with it’s colourful hanging baskets.

IMG_0005 dog fishingWe saw this little dog out fishing with his master and also several Kingfishers, Herons and large fish jumping, could they have been Salmon we wondered?

IMG_0029 waitin at Glos LockAfter a rather breezy three hour journey down the Severn we arrived at Gloucester Lock entrance having phoned ahead to notify the Lockkeeper of our arrival,  accompanied by two other narrow boats. A boat was in the lock to come up-river, so we all hung on the wall until we got the green light to enter. We were quite relieved when we finally got into the lock as the last few days on the rivers have been rather a rather blustery experience.

IMG_0031This was the view we got of the Arts and Crafts Centre from down in the lock. The Antique Centre having moved out into the new shopping mall.

IMG_0036 Oakfield and Vinings WarehouseHooray, safely moored up on the Gloucester Dock pontoons on a lovely sunny afternoon. There is plenty of activity here with restaurants shops and gongoozlers, including plenty of seagulls. Our daughter called in with our little grandson for tea. it was nice to catch up on the cuddles again.

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Adam said...

And you were moored next to fellow bloggers Geoff and Mags on Seyella.