Sunday, 26 July 2009

Things to Buy

We needed some 'things' for the impending boat arrival so decided to have a day out.

Braunston was the place to go, first stop was Tradline Rope and Fenders wonderful helpful people nothing is to much problem, they did not have exactly what I went for but substituted one of a better grade for the same price. (I did spend rather a lot of money with them though).

Next stop, into the village and to the canal side public house The Admiral Nelson, good basic food at very reasonable prices and right next to a lock. (Granny Buttons mentions it here)

We had to have a gongoozle, 70' arrived with 10 young 'gentlemen' on-board, tins in hand, concentration was not one of their strong points.

They obviously had to have done at least one lock before arriving at this one but did not have a clue, at one point paddles were being opened at both ends of the lock.

Re-energised we set of for Midland Chandlers for more items required for the boat, another lot of money spent.

We now have the essentials, anchor, chain, rope, poles, hooks and chemicals.

Time for home, let's go a different way, road map out, Thrupp on the Oxford is just down the road and Annie's Tea Room, a perfect place afternoon tea. (all cakes home made)

It is owned and run by a member of Canal World Discussion Forum a place for everything canals.

As usual coffee, tea and the toasted teacakes were of excellent standard.

Just down the cut there are two of our good friends Dr. Mortimer Bones and Maffi, had to visit, if only to find out how Maffi was getting on with his Achilles tendon.

It will be a long recovery.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It is getting closer.

Who took that?

Probably, my best view, though.




Front doors

This will be handy

Another visit booked for next week, no set date for launch but August is still looking good.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


We will be on the water in August.

The boat is looking even better than we envisaged, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none.

The bathroom is the most complete, a couple of photo's that do not really do it justice.

The saloon is coming along nicely