Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wilmcote to Stratford on Avon.

IMG_0004 Wilmcote view from hatchThis was the view from the side hatch where we moored at Wilmcote before descending the 16 locks to Stratford on Avon. Some of the lock gates were a rather heavy providing a bit of a challenge, so Bottle had to hop off and help sometimes. Visitor moorings on this canal are sadly lacking, the high towpaths and greenery overlapping the canal limit the places you can stop at. There are many more boats using the canal than ever now, so more moorings are needed. Stratford basin is good as short pontoons have been installed, but there is a limit of 48hrs there. So we are moored in a shady spot above the basin and just across the footpath is a swan sitting on a nest with 3-4 eggs in it.

Btw we met the ‘Alf Garnett’ of the waterways today, he was so rude and continually shouted at his wife. When he passed out of the lock I told him that I was glad I wasn’t his wife. As she walked past me she said she was going to push him in the canal soon!

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