Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fun in the sun

IMG_0002Today we met up for coffee and cakes in the garden at the Stables Bar. Another beautiful day for a family reunion in the sunshine. Our little grandson tired himself out guiding the car around on the grass, until he discovered how to get into it!

IMG_0021His new little cousin was far too tired to do anything but have cuddles with everyone and drink his milk.

IMG_0046The Cotswold Canal trip boat, Perseverance, was in great demand ferrying families in all directions on the canal around Saul. Here they are passing the clubhouse of the new Marina with berths for 284 boats. The canal is so clear here that you can see the plants and fish down in the depths. The Heritage Centre was also very busy and almost ran out of ice-creams because everyone wanted to cool off in this hot weather.

IMG_0046 friendly neighbourhood duckThis is one of our daily feathered visitors, it knows how to stand up for itself too and sees off all the opposition.

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