Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shepherds Patch

IMG_0018 little and Large






IMG_0019 Ambulant

We went for a wander around to look at all the different boats here. How about this for a live aboard then Dave? The first image shows how big it is with an ordinary narrow boat passing by it. It was busy at the Black Shed, the two day boats were already out, people were hiring bicycles, or having brunch in the cafe. There are some lovely paintings for sale all around the cafe walls and they also run a book exchange. We sat outside with our coffee and cake so that we could be gongoozlers.

IMG_0021 This lovely silver tabby kitten was safely waiting in his cage in the bow while the boat was being refuelled.


A plane flew over rather low and slow enough for me to get a photo.


This wildlife raft is anchored next to patch bridge and is well used by ducks and swans who bob about on it each time a boat passes by.

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Dave Winter said...

That's big enough for a commune :-)