Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stratford on Avon

We had a wander around the town yesterday and were rather amused at the number of tourists that were posing in front of William Shakespeare's house to have their photograph taken.IMG_0028 William Shakespeares HouseDo people need this as evidence that they have really been there? They were also posing by ‘The Fool’ statue and the Soldier outside The Christmas Shop opposite.

IMG_0030 Masons CourtI rather like the wonkiness of this interesting old house called Masons Court.

IMG_0029 Clock in the Marketplace  This is where the market is held every Friday called ‘Rother Market’.

IMG_0016 Red ArrowsHaving bought new Gelert folding chairs in the summer sales we reclined in them on the banks of the Avon today to watch the boat races. They are an annual fundraiser for the local rowing club. We thought that the Red Arrows team were the most impressive. They had fashioned their helmets from paper mache and even had flares going off and the Union Flag at the stern. It was surprising that there wasn’t a collision as there were the sculling teams, trip boats, little hire boats floundering about with oars, canal boats and many swans, geese and ducks, all on the same stretch of river at the same time.

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