Saturday, 24 July 2010

Whitminster Walkabout

We walked along to treat ourselves to a lunchtime snack at the Stables Bar by Sandfield Bridge. Sitting upstairs out on the balcony there is a good view all around, also we could see the boats moving between the two bridges. Afterwards we wandered along past the new Saul Marina on the arm of the Stroudwater Canal and up to Walk Bridge. This bridge will have to be raised as part of the Cotswold Canals restoration programme to allow boats to cruise along to Stroud via Stonehouse.IMG_0040 Walk BridgeTurning left along the road towards Whitminster, then right through a field I found Whitminster Lock and gates were still in position, in fairly good order and also in water.IMG_0025 Whitminster Lock looking goodPeering through a gap in the hedge the weir at Whitminster had a lot of water thundering over it.IMG_0036 Witminster Weir controlOn my way back I spotted these in the areas where the grass had been left uncut.IMG_0028 Banded Deoiselle  A Banded Demoiselle having a rest.IMG_0030 Peacock Butterfly A Peacock Butterfly feeding on a Teasel flower.IMG_0034 Common Blue Butterfly A tiny Common Blue Butterfly, I think.IMG_0039 Whitminster House This is the nearest I could get to Whitminster Church as it stands in the grounds of Whitminster House which are private. There are many lovely ancient trees here including Chestnut and Walnut. 


Bill & Debbie said...

Ooh, you just walked past our mooring on the Stroudwater Canal, and nearly took a picture of it!! Unfortunately, our boat is still at Great Haywood, but we're picking it up on Tuesday - much excitement!!! Where are you heading after Saul? If you're going back up the Staff & Worcs, we might well pass you on the way down.

Will wave if we do.

Debbie & Bill
NB Humdinger

bottle said...

Hi Debbie and Bill
We expect to be on the Gloucester, Sharpness for a little while longer but as usual have no set plans as to direction after that. It will probably be north, it's a bit deep the other way.
Will keep an eye out for you.
Had a look at the blog Humdinger seems a very appropriate name.