Monday, 12 July 2010

Stratford to Welford on Avon

IMG_0002 down the AvonWe emerged from the lock under the bridge of gongoozlers and out onto the River Avon. We passed the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre which is undergoing renovation works.

IMG_0006 Watering pointWe stopped at the watering hole where the river was so clear compared to the murky canal water, I could see the fish and the bottom of our boat easily. The river level is well down and was only about 2 1/2 foot deep due to the lack of rain.

IMG_0014 foot ferry 50pWe waited for the little foot-ferry to cross with his 50p a go passengers. The boat is wound across by means of a big chain lying on the river bed. The ferryman was turning a cogged wheel reminiscent of a big hand drill.IMG_0018 des res  We cruised by many a des res and here is one of my favourites, it wins top prize for its beautifully manicured garden.

IMG_0033 Cadbury Lock WeirThis is the view across the weir that bypasses the lock with no access across to Welford. We are now moored to an island in the river just above the William Cadbury Lock. This is so called because he left a donation that enabled men from Gloucester Gaol  and other volunteers to build the lock in 1971. There used to be a corn mill here apparently.

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