Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Portland Basin.

IMG_4279 Lilith,Hazel ForgetMeNot   IMG_4281 Waterwheel 3X24 ft low breastshot rest 1978

I spent a very interesting afternoon in the Portland Basin Museum. Lilith, Hazel and Forget Me Not were moored outside undergoing the background the beautiful sandstone bridge spans the entrance to the peak Forest canal. This high breast shot 24 x 3 foot waterwheel was used to power the hoists to the upper floors of the warehouse. 

IMG_4283 Blacksmith                                  IMG_4284 Robertsons Jam

There were some very realistic displays like this reconstructed Blacksmiths. I particularly liked the Robertson's Jam collection donated by a lady who obtained all her goodies by saving the ‘Golly’ tokens up, amazing. All the local industries were depicted here, mainly cotton spinning mills, hat and glove making, Jones Sewing Machines and of course the jam factory.

IMG_4286                                 IMG_4285

The diamond shaped cast iron sign dated from the Motor Car Act of 1896-1903. Much of the machinery and equipment was locally made around Ashton-u- Lyne. Upstairs there was a little cobbled street had been made with all the little shops that we once used to enjoy. The staff in the well stocked gift shop were very friendly and helpful. There was also a busy cafe on the ground floor with local artists pictures fro sale all around the walls. A perfick way to pass an afternoon reminiscing  I thought.

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