Thursday, 19 September 2013


IMG_4363 Marple b1898  IMG_4364 Shall Cross Foundry Whaley Bridge  IMG_4367              

Walking down the road from Bridge 2, I found the town had a lovely little pedestrianized shopping centre. There were quite a variety of small individual shops and the place was busy with shoppers. I thought this was the nicest shop front, which was built in 1898. I managed to find the few things that we needed and turned right at the bottom of the street to take a circular route back up the locks to our boat. This old drain cover was cast at Shall Cross Foundry Whaley Bridge. No idea what kind of little Moth this is though.

IMG_4316 Oldknows Warehouse           IMG_4324 Marple Jnct

Oldknows Warehouse which was used for storing cotton, and the large house at the junction are both solidly constructed of the local stone. The latter was once James Jink’s Boatbuilding Yard.

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