Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dane Aqueduct.

IMG_4443 Dane viaduct walk IMG_4449 IMG_4448

As it was such a beautiful warm morning we followed the footpath near the aqueduct through the fields and underneath the Railway Viaduct. We passed through a farmyard/small industrial area, where, inside a large barn we could see Traction Engines being restored. There was an old working engine standing out in the yard too.

 IMG_4453 nr B62 IMG_4454 IMG_4460

Then we had to dodge the traffic on the busy A54 to return to the canal at Bridge 61 where we glimpsed Crossley Hall Farm, a fine Tudor building, on the opposite bank.

  IMG_4455               IMG_4456

There was a painted Blue-cow reclining on the wharf side and a real cow with extremely short legs! Could this be a special breed, or have her legs worn down from continually circulating around the hillside I wonder? Back at the boat we were able to don the shorts and sit outside for our snack sunning ourselves. Meanwhile the chap next to us spent all afternoon polishing his boat to a mirror finish.

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