Friday, 6 September 2013


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There was so much to see at the museums that we made a return visit to see the rest of it. This time we ambled around the Space and Air Museum housed in this magnificent old market building. There were many types of planes and a few motorbikes and cars. This one was a Belsize made in Clayton Manchester and cost £215 for a new one.

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We crossed the road and into the rest of the museum complex. In he Station Building we learnt how gas was produced from coal and were amazed by how many by-products that this process produced. Then we walked through the Sewer Gallery, very interesting indeed.

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Next we made our way into the Textiles Gallery where Presenter Stephen came to explain how raw cotton was was, sorted, spun and woven into Calico. When he started the spinning machines up they made quite a clatter. So, if the workers in the past didn’t suffer from cotton dust in their lungs they may have also gone deaf or suffered injury from the exposed moving parts.

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Here he has set the weaving machine going where the steel tipped wooden shuttle flies back and forth at great speed through the weft threads. The other weaving machine works on punched card system to weave three ribbons with many finer polyester threads, absolutely amazing. An enlarged example of what it could do is in the middle picture. We then made our way down Deansgate to have lunch at Wetherspoon’s, luvly jubbly!

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