Friday, 27 September 2013

Hightown Aqueducts.

IMG_4458 The Cloud  IMG_4496 Railviaduct  IMG_4483 Hightown Aqueduct

It was rather misty again when we left our lovely quiet mooring with The Cloud in the background. As we cruised along it began to rain, so we stopped short of our destination and moored above an aqueduct again. The view from the boat looked across to another railway viaduct in the distance.

IMG_4493 watercress  IMG_4499 steps to CRT Asset  IMG_4502 Oakfield above

On my walkabout the canal towpath and overspill weir seemed to merge and watercress was growing well here, so I picked a bunch for lunch mmm. Following a CRT Asset sign down some steep steps I was in the field below the aqueduct where cows were grazing. Unfortunately the aqueduct is not visible because of all the undergrowth, but Oakfield is in the gap above the embankment.

IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4503 IMG_4504

This was the Dane-in-Shaw SSI Pasture and a few of the wildflowers were still in bloom. The path crosses over the river on a metal bridge, up the bank and through the wood.

IMG_4513 aqueduct overoldrialway IMG_4512 IMG_4498 IMG_4452

Then onto the old railway line where you can see that the canal runs in a metal trough in the stone aqueduct over it. There are some interesting fungi flourishing in this warm damp September weather too. I really enjoyed my little circular walk!

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