Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bosley Locks.

IMG_4433 Royal Oak Swingbridge 49          IMG_4435

It was a misty-moisty morning when we set off and we passed through our first obstacle which was Royal Oak Swing Bridge. This is a key operated electrified bridge and I held up a small string of traffic by pressing a button, while Oakfield glided through the narrow gap. We filled with water at the top of Bosley Locks and were hoping to find a mooring hereabouts, but no luck. So we made our way down just as a boat came out of the top lock. The locks were then in our favour, but we met several boats coming up too. There would have been splendid views all around from some locks, if 0nly the mist had lifted.

IMG_4437 Lock 5            IMG_4440

This attractive looking Farmhouse was peeping over the road bridge  at Lock 5. We could just make out the ghostly images of the hills as we descended.

IMG_4442Completing the twelve locks we had dropped down 118 feet altogether and found a space to moor by the River Dane Aqueduct. As you can see by the size of the sheep photographed from there, it is quite high up.

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