Wednesday, 4 September 2013


IMG_4156 Planet IMG_4168 Acecroft No1 IMG_4167 CEGB Bolton Acecroft

The longer we stay here the more we are getting to like it. So we set off to explore the Museum of Science and Industry starting with coffee in their lovely cafe. We sauntered through the Computer and Textile Galleries where there were a good selection of machines and materials that were produced in this area. ‘Planet’ was displayed outside the Power Hall and C.G.E.B engine Bolton and Acecroft No 1 were busy at the other side.

IMG_4169 Pender N0 3 IMG_4170 IMG_4166

Pender No 3 was looking out of the window with one of it’s sides cut back to show the internal workings of it. The atmosphere inside the hall was so exciting, with the sound of hissing steam and the clanking of machinery in motion.

IMG_4174 IMG_4178 Saxon Engine IMG_4176 Governor

The Saxon Engine was idling along with it’s governor spinning round on top. There were also a selection of different types of water wheels on display, including the Pelton Wheel.

IMG_4181 IMG_4187 IMG_4182

At 2.30 pm Presenter Stephen appeared to oil some of the 112 points on this huge engine before he set it working. He gave a brilliant demonstration of how tandem combustion engines drove the huge wheel to drive the mill machinery via many belts and pulleys. He got the children (+ some adults) involved in responding to all his questions which was brilliant. Time flies when you are having fun and three hours later we were feeling quite hungry so we headed back to our boat.

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