Monday, 23 September 2013


IMG_4415 Gurnett Aqueduct IMG_4432 IMG_4431

It was easy to moor on the Gurnett Aqueduct as there were rings opposite the old BW working boat Gailey. There were some nice views over the rooftops to the hills and up to the golf course on the hill behind us.

IMG_4408 Old Smithy IMG_4409 IMG_4430

The aqueduct passes over a road and a stream with this quaint little cottage, which still seems to be occupied, placed between the two. As you can see the rings were oddly spaced, so we had to ‘reverse moor’ as the cabin boy puts it.

IMG_4406 IMG_4411 Old Kings Head 1695 IMG_4413

On arrival I went in search of a post-box as I had a Birthday card to send. I asked a lady who was walking with her dog for directions to the nearest one which was in the adjoining village of Sutton Lane Ends. This turned out to be about a mile long walk but I made it before the collection time, luckily.  Amazingly the card arrived the next morning on a 2nd class stamp, swift service indeed. I did find a Farm Shop open and got some nice crusty bread though. On another of my walkabouts to the garden centre I found a post-box not far from the aqueduct, never mind, I needed the exercise. It was a fabulously warm sunny weekend so I was able to finish touching up all the paintwork on the other side of Oakfield. Sunday we walked all the way down the steps from our mooring to The Old Kings Head, an interesting pub dating from 1695 with the adjoining Smithy, now being residential..

I must apologise for posting some of our blogs in the wrong order of where we moored, but i expect some of you spotted that, didn’t you Paul?

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