Monday, 9 September 2013


IMG_4238 panpipes

As Sunday was to be our final day we completed our daily tasks on board and fitted the new water filter we had bought from Screwfix nearby. After a nice roast lunch and a Guinness at W’s we walked through Piccadilly Gardens picking our way through the people and avoiding the traffic and Trams coming from every direction. Panpipes are my favourite sound and these chaps attracted a large crowd with in their colourful costumes and vibrant music.

  IMG_4241 levitation                         IMG_4239 levitation                   

There were many buskers all playing different instruments and these two clever men, who appeared to be levitating! Next we perused some of the shops for a few small items we needed. Having enjoyed our final fling we then we trundled back as we were getting weary and in need of a cuppa.

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