Saturday, 14 September 2013

Marple Locks 1-8.

IMG_4304            IMG_4305            IMG_4306 Marple Locks 16

After a good nights sleep as it was so quiet we went for a wander around the area, as you do. just as we got back to Oakfield to set off would you believe it a boat came under the bridge and straight into the empty lock! Then blow me down, before we could untie another one came through to join them. Well, we didn’t mind too much as they were both hire boats and were probably keeping to a timetable. The Cabin Boy went forth to set the lock for us and to his astonishment I called out that I would bring the boat into the lock.I thought I would take Maffi’s advice and try to learn all aspects of boating! Anyway himself could do with a bit of exercise for a change. With the damp humid weather the fabulous fungi have been flourishing. There are so many walks all around this area and I particularly like the neat walled entrances to them.

IMG_4307            IMG_4308            IMG_4309

So, here we have some pictures from inside the locks for a change. Did the masons mark their finished stonework in order to be paid for how much they had done I wonder? It began to drizzle with rain, but the poor soul struggled on rewardless while I followed through on tick over. Many of the locks have delightful stone footbridges at the tail of every lock which is very useful.

IMG_4312. IMG_4313 IMG_4311

Lockkeeper's Cottage No 100 is an idyllic little place standing beside Lock 9. The beams of the lock gates swing out over the pavement of the main road here. Note the old wooden roller which was in use when horses towed the working boats on a long rope. Oldknows Warehouse is in the background on the left. This oddly shaped old cottage was built on the slope just across the road.

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