Tuesday, 17 September 2013


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The lock keeper at Marple locks had given us an advertising card for the fuel boat Alton. Luckily for us they were in the area as we heard their claxon, then they reversed up the arm alongside us. So, we were able to top up Oakfield’s fuel tank for 89.5p per litre. They also do pump-outs and as we were almost full we took the opportunity to have it done for £14. Brian and Ann-Marie were a very friendly couple and we hope to see them again around the canal system. We like to support the fuel boats wherever we see them as they provide a very useful service for us boaters.

Back in 1999 £35,000 was spent on ‘The Wide’ here to provide a very special habitat for the Water Voles, although we didn’t see any. Neither did we see any Herons or Kingfishers as the information boards suggested. Perhaps there were too many locals walking their dogs around the site every day. because all we saw were a few ducks. Btw,Bugsworth Basin has Ancient Monument status and is a very special place for those interested in Industrial Archaeology..

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