Monday, 30 September 2013

Congleton Town.

IMG_4523 Congleton TH IMG_4530 TH Bear  IMG_4529 IMG_4532

Our cupboards were almost bare so we set off with our two shopping trolleys under Dog Lane Aqueduct down theroad three quarters of a mile into town. The first building we saw was the Town Hall adorned by a clock tower. In the entrance hall sits a large bear, as the town once had a real live bear. The main street was cordoned off for an arts festival/street market. her Madge and Prince Phillip came strolling up the street and started dancing to the music.

IMG_4525 Ws Counting House  IMG_4526  IMG_4531

We sought out Wetherspoon’s Gothic style Counting House for a meal to celebrate our anniversary. It is at times like these that we miss the good company of our boating friends! There are several little streets with some interesting timber framed pubs and shops. A cafe by the bus station was amusingly called “ Bear Grills”! The last pic has a dwelling with a date of 1671 above the door and offers Colonic Hydrotherapy, which we didn’t try btw!

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