Sunday, 22 September 2013


IMG_4380          IMG_4385 B26

We passed a sweet little cottage that had room for two of these in the back garden.

IMG_4388 Clarence Mill    IMG_4392    IMG_4393 B28

There are country views towards the hills and  some really lovely bridges along the Macclesfield Canal. Bridge 26 was built completely on a skew and must have taken some planning to get it perfick. On the approach to Bollington, Clarence Mill towered high above us then we crept past two unusual boats nb Celia Fiennes and nb Naughtilas and tried to moor on the end of the aqueduct moorings overlooking the town. It was far too shallow so we made a hot drink and carried on rewardless passing by this pretty cottage adjoining bridge 29! .

IMG_4396 Hovis Mill IMG_4398 B40 IMG_4400

At Macclesfield there are 24 hour moorings all along where the water tap used to be and the boat in the picture is moored on the only space it is possible to moor on. We tried and failed yet again here, so we went on by the Hovis Mill and the new water tap point by the BW Yard. We squeezed our way gently passed yet another sunken plastic boat near Bridge 40. We tried to moor again and ran aground. Can you spot the towpath on the picture on the right? No, we couldn't either. In fact the towpaths are mainly hidden or collapsed with the large boulders protruding out into the canal which prevents stopping on most of the recommended moorings, shame. This journey was taken at snail pace and on tick over under every bridge so as not to drag the bottom of the canal.

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