Thursday, 12 September 2013


 IMG_4278  IMG_4275 Jnct or Tudor Mill cotton IMG_4270

We walked up to the huge Asda that has been built right across the Huddersfield Canal further oop north. Opposite it is Cavendish Mill now stylish residential apartments. It’s chimney seems to be rather unusual being above the tower block with windows in it. I went walkabout to find out more about the mill chimney that we had cruised past before the junction. Called Junction Mills Chimney it’s octagonal shape is 210 feet high, built in 1867 with a  very unusual Tulip shaped top. It was part of Samuel Heginbottom’s Cotton Spinning Mill, the last remnants of which were demolished in 2003. luckily the Tameside Council were forward thinking and bought the chimney for £1 and restored it in 2000 to stand as a symbol of the Tame Valley. They should be very proud of their achievement!

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