Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Weston Marsh Lock.

IMG_3991          IMG_3993 Tanker YM URANUS

We settled down for the evening with a beautiful sunset illuminating the Chemical Works. Surprisingly we got a good nights sleep despite the buzz and floodlights from the factory all night. On our stroll along the edge of the lock the next morning we caught the tanker YM Uranus being guided up the Manchester Ship Canal by Tugboats Victory and Viceroy.

IMG_3998         IMG_4002

A short while later the two tugboats came back down a bit faster than they went up! We were then joined by nb Alexander who breasted up alongside us for a break, much chatting, and a walkabout.

IMG_3995                   IMG_4004

There were some good Blackberries to be had around the lock, which had been well fertilised with all the Rabbit droppings. Due to the damp warm weather toadstools seemed to be popping up everywhere. On one of the large sandstone slabs around the lock edge I saw some fine fish fossils. If you double click on the image you can see for yourself!

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