Friday, 16 August 2013

Devils Garden.

IMG_3945 Saltersford Lock              IMG_3947

We moored at what we thought was Barnton Cut which was a quiet mooring which would take three 60’ boats. When we cruised off in the morning we passed the official moorings just around the corner! We were beckoned into the large barge lock by the lock-keeper at Saltersford. All the Weaver locks have old redundant signals like the ones that were used on the railways. We pulled over and took on water below this lock.

IMG_3948 Dutton Lock               IMG_3950

As we approached Dutton Lock there was an old ship-wreck and an informative friendly lady lock-keeper in charge of the lock. Narrowboat ‘Star Tern’ caught us up and came into the lock with us. I noticed that there were tiny little crayfish clinging to the wet lock walls as Oakfield gently descended. Then we had a very pleasant cruise on down past Acton Bridge to moor at ‘The Devils Garden’.

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