Monday, 19 August 2013

The End.

IMG_3975 Sutton Bridge gritblasting IMG_3976 M56 IMG_3981 Weston Marsh Lock

Cruising off this morning we past under Sutton Swing bridge which was in the process of being grit blasted. About time we thought as it was heavily encrusted in rust all over! Then we passed under the busy M56, we were now on the Weston Canal and carried on to turn around near at the end of the navigation at Weston Point. The engine needed quite a few extra revs to get round as it was sooo windy.

IMG_3979 pontoon for 1                    IMG_3983

We went back to moor opposite the HUGE Polymer Works, on the pontoon for one, above Weston Marsh Lock. Walking around the lock-side and looking out over the Manchester Ship Canal we saw the large dredger called Sospan Dau turning around.

IMG_3984 Sospan Dau dredger IMG_3985 IMG_3988

Just after coffee a little tug boat called ‘Kennet' bobbed up out through the lock and sped off up the river. That’s all the excitement we were going to get for one day. So there we were all alone with just the buzz of the works and pounding rain on the roof. Oh and all the rabbits that must live here according to the abundance of holes. Right, we thought we may as well stay put overnight!

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Adam said...

I'd wondered what the moorings were like there, so it's good to hear that they're OK (or maybe we should reserve judgement until tomorrow!). We're planning to do the Ship Canal from there down to Ellesmere Port next month, and I'd been wondering where we should spend the previous night.