Thursday, 15 August 2013

A walk on the wild side!

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Our Monday morning walk took us down the riverside path to cross Vale Royal Locks, then up through the woodland opposite. There were some fascinating Fungi and magnificent trees. The sandy soil had been dug away to expose the roots of this lovely Oak tree. Who lives in a house like this? There were a quite a variety of different sized holes within.

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The path wound it’s way along the side of the valley between the huge trees. We were hoping to see the site of Vale Royal Abbey, but a posh golf club seems to be occupying the area now. There were a couple of heavy downpours of rain, but we didn’t get wet under the dense tree canopy I went to explore a smaller path winding it’s way up alongside a small valley. It was never ending. Then I could see through the trees ahead, there was a large Wigwam with firewood stacked by it, overlooking a small pool. I decided to make my way back down to himself who was reclining on and old log waiting for me.

IMG_3931 Boundary post 1890 IMG_3929 IMG_3930 Cholmondeley c of arms.

This nice cast iron River Weaver boundary post of 1890 is a Grade 2 listed building. The Cholmondeley Coat of Arms was carved on the face of this huge sandstone block standing on a grassy area beside the locks. The cottage overlooking the tail of the locks on the opposite bank has the same CoA fixed in it’s gables!

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Angela said...

So glad you've gone down onto The Weaver. It's fab isn't it? xxoo