Monday, 12 August 2013

River Weaver.

 IMG_3880 Northwich IMG_3882 IMG_3879

Oakfield got weaving well against the flow of the river with it’s beautiful greenery on either bank. We spotted the recommended town moorings at Northwich, but the high wall would have meant climbing on the roof of the boat to get off! Then we saw a space further down on the opposite side which was more accessible. The ‘Floatel’ mentioned in our Pearson’s guide has now gone and floating finger moorings on pontoons are being installed, along with a new Waitrose and restaurant. Should be good when it is all completed alongside it’s watery setting.

IMG_3886 Ws Penny Black IMG_3884 IMG_3885

Luckily we were able to get our W’spoon fix in the picturesque ‘Penny Black’ one of many black and white timber framed buildings around the town. Friday night we had our evening meal here, then walked over to  the Salt Barge Inn at Marston on the T&M Canal for a mini-banterette. Fellow Canal Forum members Dave and Ange nb Iona, ‘Lone Wolf’ and Andrew and Michelle nb  Ashdown were just finishing their meal when we arrived. With drinks all round we settled down for a good old chinwag! Some of us had the delicious local chocolate ice-cream, then a band turned up to play some soothing Country and Western  songs. After a fantastic evening we trundled back over a mile through the town to Oakfield and fell into bed for a long sleep.                         

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