Thursday, 1 August 2013

Moving on.

IMG_3794 Billinge Flash IMG_3797 IMG_3795

Billinge Green Flashes are such wonderful wide open spaces to observe the water-birds, misty mornings and the evening sunsets. The only thing to spoil the peace and tranquillity here were the planes continually rumbling overhead! We did however have a mighty downpour of rain while I was out on my wanderings, luckily I was able to shelter under the old railway bridge. Dave and Ange had arrived on nb Iona, so we were able to have a longer chat.

IMG_3798 Brunner Mond ICI                    IMG_3800

Then we were off past the busy Brunner Mond/ICI factory (according to our Pearson's guide). Opposite this newer part stood some more dilapidated buildings, but they all seemed to be in use. Just look at that fantastic sky making everything look so clear and bright.

IMG_3801 Wincham Wharf Drugee                       IMG_3802

There were a couple of unusual boats at Wincham Wharf as we squeezed our way through.

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