Wednesday, 7 August 2013


 IMG_3868 Mural IMG_3867 IMG_3864 Buckby Can 3 litre

Not many boats moored here when we arrived, so after choosing our spot we wandered off into the Boat Lift Museum. ‘Herald of Peace’ is part of a nice mural in the gardens down beside the lift where we saw this volunteer painting the extensive fencing. Only another few miles to go we reckon, where would we be without the dedicated volunteers quietly plodding on with all these mundane tasks? A BIG thank you to all those who beaver away, usually unnoticed by the hoards of people passing by!

IMG_3863 Wedgewood Lift c1875-1975 IMG_3865 IMG_3866 Priscilla

The museum is very well laid out with canal related artefacts,educational displays and an explanatory film all about the lift. The fancy pink Wedgwood plate commemorates the centenary of the lift 1875-1975. The chap in the control room keeps an eye on proceedings all around via video monitors and computer. The wide-beam trip-boat was going up as nb Priscilla was descending and then emerging out onto the River Weaver below, magic our Morriss!

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