Wednesday, 14 August 2013


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So, there we were on the Vale Royal visitor moorings with the old resident Heron, a Cormorant who came to dry it’s wings in the sun, Kingfishers, Seagulls, Buzzards and flocks of Canada Geese. Some ducks had settled down for the night on the bank opposite and at dusk I heard quite a commotion. Peering through the binoculars I could see a magnificent fox was trying his luck for a Duck supper. He was unsuccessful though, perhaps he had more luck with the rabbits that we saw earlier over there. Just above the weir here seems to be a favourite place for all the water-birds to visit particularly at dawn and dusk.

IMG_3914 Vale Royal v mooring                  IMG_3920 Penny Black Nwich

On hearing that we were at one of their favourite mooring spots on the river, our old pals (now landlubbers) Graham and Betty came for coffee with us on board. Then they whisked us off in their smart little red car for Sunday lunch at W’s Penny Black in Northwich, luvly jubbly! After our leisurely lunch we came back to Oakfield for a natter over afternoon tea and Baklava. I had acquired a few delicacies when I had popped into Northwich on Saturday morning to find that the monthly Artisan Food & Craft Market was in full swing on the main street. We like Northwich very much and seem to be magnetically attached to it somehow! Anyway we spent a fantastic day together catching up on each others news.

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