Saturday, 17 August 2013

Devils Garden 2.

IMG_3952 IMG_3966 IMG_3954

Does anyone know how this pleasant area acquired the name ‘The Devils Garden’?

IMG_3958 IMG_3960 IMG_3961

We went walking along the riverbank between the trees and spotted quite a few butterflies flitting about and foraging in the sunshine, perfick. Can you see Oakfield moored in the central picture? There have been a few boats mooring and passing by while we have been here. There seems to be water pipelines running hereabouts by what it says on theses cast iron covers.


Angela said...

We liked it downstream even better then up. No. Doesn't deserve that name does it? xxoo

Linda Gifford-Hull said...

One of the lockies once told us that it's called Devil's Garden as things, mainly plants, disappeared off boats during the night and it was assumed the Devil had taken them. However you might notice cows coming down to the boats early in the morning - they are very partial to nice plants!

NB Mary H