Saturday, 3 August 2013

More visitors…

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Fellow bloggers John and Ange came along on Nb Ellen with Lola. They had just come up from an enjoyable trip on the River Weaver via the Anderton Lift. What a nice surprise to see so many boating friends on this stretch of the Trent+Mersey Canal. On my wanderings I had come across the Crusty Cob Cafe. So, today as  we had almost run out of supplies I, took a short cut across the field to buy a salad for me and a large chicken roll for him. They also do all day breakfast to eat in, or takeaway in a roll too.

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Early this morning the weasels were back, one of the three baby ones was leaning over the canal and mum was pulling it back by it’s tail before it fell in. I think mum had ‘words’ with it showing it who was boss. Then there was a commotion and two of the young critters had run along the gunnels and were trying to find there way back out of our cratch! We have been kept very amused by their antics at dawn and dusk

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Angela said...

Really good to see you too. An unexpected surprise. And as for those other visitors - I just love them! Most weaselly superior visitors! I would have loved watching them. Take care and hope to see you later in the year. xxoo