Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dunham Massey.

IMG_4071 Dunham Massey IMG_4073 IMG_4074

Our next mooring was near Dunham Massey Hall and Deer Park, a fabulous place to spend the day womming about. The main buildings have a moat/pond on two sides, the water from which also supplies the mill. Before the large arched entrance is reached there was a small square walled secret garden with a wood sculpture as a central feature. We later learnt that this was where any the aggressive stallions had been kept, away from the other horses. There is a charge for the car park, house and enclosed gardens, but the Deer Park is free for everyone to roam at will, which is what we did.

IMG_4121 Moor Sundial   IMG_4122 Dunham Massey Hall   IMG_4098

The Moor Sundial stands on a grassy circle in front of the main entrance to the house. The dark coloured Roe deer was resting on the right of the steps. Away from the house, below the lake we spotted a lovely gravity fed fountain which fell on mossy covered rocks. A grand new visitor centre was in the process of being built near it.

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