Friday, 23 August 2013

Ascending 50 feet!

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After spending the night in Northwich we cruised along to moor near the Anderton Lift. Sir went up to book us in, the earliest time was 12.10pm. as they were pretty well booked up all day. So after having coffee and a sandwich we moved up to moor on the checking in area. Your boat has to have a valid Canal and River Licence to use the lift for free. Boaters with only a Bridgewater canal licence have to pat £30. Also if you book in advance you have to pay £5. We breasted up with nb Artu who were to be ascending with us, as the caissons are wide beam size. We had a jolly good chat with them as they are selling their narrow boat and getting a wide beam one to live on. Looking down from the top of the lift we could see the two boats that had gone down, heading off upstream. The trip boat was busy loading up with passengers. The sun had brought the gongoozlers out and they were quenching their thirst in the cafe/museum. Children were practicing their circus/ juggling skills on the grass. There is also a children’s playground and a maze cleverly constructed with all the old redundant lift weights too.

It seems a shame that some boaters go down in the lift and then come back up the same day!. Almost like, been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt sort of attitude. They don’t know what quiet delights and open country views they are missing. So, what did we think of the River Weaver, we enjoyed it so much we spent two weeks cruising up and down it’s whole  20 mile navigable length.

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