Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Onwards and upwards.

IMG_3887 Hunts Lock IMG_3889 IMG_3888

We thought we ‘get weaving’ and venture to the end of the navigation. This was my view in the chamber of Hunts Lock which still had the lovely old cast iron steps up the side next to the new set. As we rose up I was just taking a photo of the Lock Keeper when a large woolly dog came to investigate what was going on!

IMG_3892                   IMG_3893

These big old boats were moored on a wharf which had old fire engines and buses hidden among many other rusty treasures.

IMG_3894 Vale Royal Lock IMG_3897 IMG_3898 Saltworks

As we passed through Vale Royal Lock the lock-keeper told us that if we enter Winsford Flash, we did so at our peril, as it was very shallow in places. Anyway we cruised under the last two bridges, turned without any difficulty at the flash and headed back downstream. The only available mooring spot was next to the Red Lion Inn which was not ideal. Just when I didn’t have my camera at hand, a Wellington flew over us quite low, typical! So we moored there for brunch and a rest on board and continued on down past the Salt-works to moor in an idyllic quiet idylic spot midway between the swing-bridge and Vale Royal Lock

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